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Anticipation & Planning For Video Redactions

Anticipation & Planning For Video Redactions

Video redaction is a necessary, but very time-consuming and expensive piece of a BWC program.  Developing a video redaction component within a BWC FOIA/video recording program should be a priority as organizations must be able to respond to requests for emerging types of records within requisite statutory mandates.

Most redaction software packages provided by BWC companies are inadequate to accurately redact video to comply with privacy laws, requiring the purchase of additional software.  Video must be painstakingly reviewed to ensure personal identifiable information is redacted accordingly.  The burden of adding work to administrative staff responsibilities and the time it takes to train them to become minimally proficient, much less experts, is not cost effective.

BWC Solutions can provide expert guidance to customers regarding redaction services with consideration given to unique organizational requirements. Budget, the volume of requests, and the complexity of the records are among the factors to consider when developing and implementing redaction services.  Selecting the right company for this task is just as important as utilizing the right software.  Let BWC Solutions provide professional redaction services for you.

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