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Dive Into the New Age of Transparency

Dive Into the New Age of Transparency

Our Solutions

Video Management

BWC Solutions can work within your agency or organizations current video management system or provide you with a CJIS compliant system for your video storage needs. 

Procurement Solutions

BWC Solutions can provide consultation and assistance with identifying the correct body worn camera system for your agency or organization.  We will assist in identifying and scaling the appropriate body worn camera operating system that is appropriate for you.  Allow BWC Solutions to be your one stop solution.

Audit & Compliance

One of the best ways to reduce organizational liability and risk to your personnel is by setting internal controls within your organization. Let BWC Solutions assist you in developing internal controls within your body worn camera program.

Policy Development

Prior proper planning is key to implementing a successful body worn camera program for any size organization, and comprehensive policy development is one of the most crucial planning phases. Besides operational concerns, there are numerous federal and specific state privacy laws and considerations to be addressed prior to cameras being placed on personnel.

Video Redaction

Of the three Rs (Review, Redact and Release), the redaction of videos is of utmost importance. Developing a video redaction component within a BWC FOIA/Video Recording program should be a priority as organizations must be able to respond to requests for emerging types of records within requisite statutory privacy mandates.

Abstract Background

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

BWC Solutions will assist any agency or organization with identifying, procuring and/or managing any portion of your BWC program needs. No matter the number of personnel, the number of cameras, or the volume of footage, BWC Solutions will work with you to start, maintain or perfect your BWC program. You have questions, we have solutions.

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