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Alfredo Phoenix

Director of Client Relations

Alfredo Phoenix serves as the Director of Client Relations for BWC Solutions. In his thirty-four-year career within security and law enforcement, Alfredo has held senior positions within the US Department of Justice including US National Coordinator of Emergency Support Functions (ESF. #13), Deputy Chief Special Operations Division, Program Manager of the Criminal Intelligence Division, and Chief of International Training (ATF). Alfredo managed the INTERPOL Coordinator’s desk in Thailand combating environmental crime in Asia, Africa, and Europe. He coordinated and facilitated multi-national regional case management meetings to bolster international investigations. With exceptional team-building and strategic planning skills, Alfredo significantly strengthened collaborative working relationships between law enforcement and private industry officials worldwide. As a Senior Law Enforcement Advisor for Aventel, PAE, and SAIC in support of the U.S. Department of State, he helped foreign governments build effective law enforcement institutions to counter transnational crime and promote the rule of law.

Alfredo Phoenix.jpeg

He provided mentoring, advising, and training through overseas deployments and domestic
training. Alfredo engaged with senior government and security officials and cooperated with
foreign ministries and institutions in senior advisory roles in support of the U.S. Department of State. Alfredo’s last deployment was within the country of Tanzania where he was embedded with the Tanzanian National Police, Criminal Investigation Division and Tanzanian National Prosecutors Office. With his combination of education and experience, Alfredo is considered an expert in domestic and international law enforcement, emergency preparedness and response, investigations, as well as safety and security occupational training.

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